Liste der Berühmte Leute mit dem Nachnamen Trelawny

1. Rebecca Trelawny

Rebecca Trelawny
Weibliche. born 1696
Vorname: Rebecca
Geboren am January 4, 1696 (age 326)

2. Letitia Anne Trelawny

Letitia Anne Trelawny
Weibliche. born 1762
Vorname: Letitia
Geboren am January 1, 1762 (age 260)

3. Clarence Trelawny

Clarence Trelawny
Männliche. (1826-1902)
Vorname: Clarence
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am December 20, 1826
Starb am November 28, 1902 (aged 75)

4. Horace Dormer Trelawny

Horace Dormer Trelawny
Männliche. (1824-1906)
Vorname: Horace
Geboren am September 22, 1824
Starb am April 15, 1906 (aged 81)

5. Hamelin Trelawny

Hamelin Trelawny
Männliche. (1782-1856)
Vorname: Hamelin
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am October 16, 1782
Starb am May 3, 1856 (aged 73)

6. Letitia Trelawny

Letitia Trelawny
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=571597
Vorname: Letitia

7. Harry Trelawny

Harry Trelawny
Männliche. Dissenting minister, Church of England clergyman, and Roman Catholic priest
Vorname: Harry
Nachname: Trelawny
Starb am November 30, 1833

8. Henry Trelawny

Henry Trelawny
Männliche. English politician and Army officer
Vorname: Henry
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am January 1, 1650
Starb am January 8, 1702 (aged 52)

9. Jonathan Trelawny

Jonathan Trelawny
Männliche. English politician
Vorname: Jonathan
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am December 17, 1568
Starb am June 21, 1604 (aged 35)

10. William Trelawny

William Trelawny
Männliche. born 1696
Vorname: William
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am November 13, 1696 (age 325)

11. Letitia Trelawny

Letitia Trelawny
Weibliche. died 1772
Vorname: Letitia
Starb am December 11, 1772

12. Agnes Caroline Trelawny

Agnes Caroline Trelawny
Weibliche. died 1915
Vorname: Agnes
Nachname: Trelawny
Starb am July 14, 1915

13. General Harry Trelawny

General Harry Trelawny
Männliche. died 1800
Vorname: General
Nachname: Trelawny
Starb am January 28, 1800

14. Edward Trelawny

Edward Trelawny
Männliche. British colonial administrator
Vorname: Edward
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am January 1, 1699
Starb am January 16, 1754 (aged 55)

15. Edward John Trelawny

Edward John Trelawny
Männliche. (1793-1881)
Vorname: Edward
Nachname: Trelawny
Geboren am January 1, 1793
Starb am January 1, 1881 (aged 88)

16. Anne Trelawny

Anne Trelawny
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=670830
Vorname: Anne
Nachname: Trelawny

17. Mary Trelawny

Mary Trelawny
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=670829
Vorname: Mary
Nachname: Trelawny

18. Elizabeth Trelawny

Elizabeth Trelawny
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=670828
Vorname: Elizabeth
Nachname: Trelawny

19. Charlotte Trelawny

Charlotte Trelawny
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=670827
Vorname: Charlotte
Nachname: Trelawny

20. Jonathan Trelawny

Jonathan Trelawny
Männliche. Peerage person ID=670826
Vorname: Jonathan
Nachname: Trelawny
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