Liste der Berühmte Leute mit dem Nachnamen Lowther

1. T. J. Lowther

T. J. Lowther
Männliche. American film and television actor
Vorname: T.J.
Geboren am May 17, 1986 (age 36)

2. William Lowther

William Lowther
Männliche. (1574-1641)
Vorname: William
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am January 30, 1574
Starb am July 21, 1641 (aged 67)

3. Sir Richard Lowther

Sir Richard Lowther
Männliche. (1529-1606)
Vorname: Sir
Geboren am January 14, 1529
Starb am January 27, 1606 (aged 77)

4. Anne Lowther

Anne Lowther
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=218847
Vorname: Anne
Nachname: Lowther

5. Katherine Lowther

Katherine Lowther
Weibliche. Lowther [née Thynne], Katherine, Viscountess Lonsdale (1653–1713), electoral patron
Vorname: Katherine
Geboren am January 17, 1653
Starb am January 17, 1713 (aged 60)
Geboren in United Kingdom, England

6. Sir John Lowther, 1st Baronet, of Lowther

Sir John Lowther, 1st Baronet, of Lowther
Männliche. English politician
Vorname: Sir
Geboren am February 20, 1605
Starb am November 30, 1675 (aged 70)

7. Sir Christopher Lowther

Sir Christopher Lowther
Männliche. (1557-1617)
Vorname: Sir
Geboren am September 8, 1557
Starb am January 1, 1617 (aged 59)

8. Mary Lowther

Mary Lowther
Weibliche. died 1802
Vorname: Mary
Nachname: Lowther
Starb am September 14, 1802

9. Elizabeth Lowther

Elizabeth Lowther
Weibliche. died 1764
Vorname: Elizabeth
Nachname: Lowther
Starb am January 1, 1764

10. Henry Lowther

Henry Lowther
Männliche. britischer Politiker
Vorname: Henry
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am July 27, 1790
Starb am December 6, 1867 (aged 77)

11. Lady Caroline Lowther

Lady Caroline Lowther
Weibliche. born 1959
Vorname: Lady
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am March 11, 1959 (age 63)
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12. Richard Lowther

Richard Lowther
Männliche. English politician
Vorname: Richard
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am November 30, 1637
Starb am January 1, 1703 (aged 65)

13. Sir Hugh Lowther

Sir Hugh Lowther
Männliche. Peerage person ID=158064
Vorname: Sir

14. George William Lowther

George William Lowther
Männliche. (1837-1890)
Vorname: George
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am March 28, 1837
Starb am February 6, 1890 (aged 52)

15. Sophia Lowther

Sophia Lowther
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=673431
Vorname: Sophia
Nachname: Lowther

16. James Lowther

James Lowther
Männliche. born 1947
Vorname: James
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am January 27, 1947 (age 75)
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17. Margaret Lowther

Margaret Lowther
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=14838
Vorname: Margaret
Nachname: Lowther

18. John Luke Lowther

John Luke Lowther
Männliche. British Army officer
Vorname: John
Nachname: Lowther
Geboren am November 17, 1923
Starb am April 11, 2011 (aged 87)

19. Sophia Beresford Lowther

Sophia Beresford Lowther
Weibliche. Peerage person ID=440757
Vorname: Sophia
Nachname: Lowther

20. Sheila Anne Lowther

Sheila Anne Lowther
Weibliche. born 1943
Vorname: Sheila
Geboren am February 5, 1943 (age 79)
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