Berühmte Leute

Liste der Berühmte Leute mit dem Nachnamen Clifton

1. Joanne Clifton

Weibliche. British dancer
Vorname: Joanne
Geboren am October 24, 1983 (age 39)
Geboren in United Kingdom, England
Körpergröße: 159 cm | 5'3
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2. Kevin Clifton

Männliche. British dancer
Vorname: Kevin
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am October 13, 1982 (age 40)
Geboren in United Kingdom, England
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3. Richard Clifton

Richard Clifton
Männliche. United States federal judge
Vorname: Richard
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am November 13, 1950 (age 72)
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4. Bernie Clifton

Männliche. British comedian
Vorname: Bernie
Geboren am April 30, 1936 (age 86)
Geboren in United Kingdom, England
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5. Thomas Clifton

Männliche. politician, died 1880
Vorname: Thomas
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am March 3, 1845
Starb am November 30, 1879 (aged 34)

6. Theodosia Bligh, 10th Baroness Clifton
Theodosia Hyde

Theodosia Bligh, 10th Baroness Clifton
Weibliche. English peer, born Theodosia Hyde (1695-1722)
Vorname: Theodosia
Geboren am November 9, 1695
Starb am July 30, 1722 (aged 26)

7. Michael Richard Alleye Clifton

Männliche. (born 1917)
Vorname: Michael
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am February 13, 1917 (age 105)

8. John Talbot Clifton

John Talbot Clifton
Männliche. English landowner and traveller (1868-1928)
Vorname: John
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am December 1, 1868
Starb am March 23, 1928 (aged 59)

9. Thomas Joseph Clifton

Männliche. (1788-1851)
Vorname: Thomas
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am January 29, 1788
Starb am June 30, 1851 (aged 63)

10. Clifford Clifton

Männliche. English politician
Vorname: Clifford
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am January 1, 1626
Starb am January 1, 1670 (aged 44)

11. Frances Clifton

Weibliche. (1876-1960)
Vorname: Frances
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am April 27, 1876
Starb am July 27, 1960 (aged 84)

12. Arabella Clifton

Weibliche. Peerage person ID=607998
Vorname: Arabella
Starb am November 30, 1719

13. Violet Clifton

Weibliche. English writer
Vorname: Violet
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am November 2, 1883
Starb am November 20, 1961 (aged 78)

14. Muriel Easter Daffodil Therese Clifton

Weibliche. (1914-1978)
Vorname: Muriel
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am April 14, 1914
Starb am November 30, 1977 (aged 63)

15. Augustus Wykeham Clifton

Männliche. (1829-1915)
Vorname: Augustus
Nachname: Clifton
Geboren am March 2, 1829
Starb am May 9, 1915 (aged 86)

16. Melva Jean Clifton

Weibliche. Peerage person ID=371436
Vorname: Melva

17. Madeline Edith Clifton

Weibliche. (1867-1946)
Vorname: Madeline
Geboren am November 24, 1867
Starb am September 21, 1946 (aged 78)

18. Dorina Lockhart Clifton

Weibliche. (died 1955)
Vorname: Dorina
Starb am December 26, 1955

19. Frances Clifton

Weibliche. Peerage person ID=129546
Vorname: Frances
Nachname: Clifton
Starb am January 1, 1786

20. Harriet Clifton

Weibliche. died 1888
Vorname: Harriet
Starb am July 20, 1888
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