Liste der Berühmte Leute mit Namen Roderick

1. Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong
Männliche. US-amerikanischer Wrestler
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Strong
Geboren am July 26, 1983 (age 39)
Körpergröße: 178 cm | 5'10
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2. Roderick Stephen Hall

Roderick Stephen Hall
Männliche. Agent of the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) during the Second World War, executed
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Hall
Geboren am November 30, 1914
Starb am February 20, 1945 (aged 30)

3. Roderick Miller

Roderick Miller
Männliche. panamaischer Fußballspieler
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Miller
Geboren am April 3, 1992 (age 30)
Geboren in Panama, Panamá Province
Körpergröße: 189 cm | 6'2
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4. Roderick Macneill of Barra

Männliche. (died 1822)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Barra
Starb am January 1, 1822

5. Roderick Macneil, 15th of Barra

Männliche. Peerage person ID=511003
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Barra

6. Roderick Sinclair, 19th Earl of Caithness

Roderick Sinclair, 19th Earl of Caithness
Männliche. British Army officer (1906-1965)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Caithness
Geboren am September 29, 1906
Starb am November 30, 1964 (aged 58)

7. Roderick Barclay

Männliche. British diplomat (1909-1996)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Barclay
Geboren am February 2, 1909
Starb am October 24, 1996 (aged 87)
Geboren in Japan, Hyogo Prefecture

8. Roderick Macdonald, 3rd of Glenaladale

Männliche. Peerage person ID=503260
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Glenaladale

9. Roderick 'Dhu' Macneil, 18th of Barra

Männliche. Peerage person ID=511030
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Barra

10. Roderick Walter Sholto Douglas

Männliche. (1908-1990)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Douglas
Geboren am July 16, 1908
Starb am January 1, 1990 (aged 81)

11. Roderick Fraser

Männliche. (1927-1964)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Fraser
Geboren am February 20, 1927
Starb am August 3, 1964 (aged 37)

12. Roderick Noel Raleigh King

Männliche. Peerage person ID=718315
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: King
Geboren am December 25, 1893 (age 128)

13. Roderick Joseph Fraser

Männliche. (born 1953)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Fraser
Geboren am January 25, 1953 (age 69)

14. Roderick ‘The Resolute' Macneil, 20th of Barra

Männliche. died 1759
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Barra
Starb am January 1, 1759

15. Roderick Herbert Barrington Grattan

Männliche. born 1912
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Grattan
Geboren am September 17, 1912 (age 110)

16. Roderick Arthur Scott

Männliche. (born 1958)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Scott
Geboren am February 16, 1958 (age 64)

17. Roderick 'Og' Macneil, 14th of Barra

Männliche. Peerage person ID=510998
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Barra

18. Roderick Macleod, 10th of the Lewes

Männliche. Peerage person ID=506164
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Lewes

19. Roderick Pryor

Männliche. (1932-2017)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Pryor
Geboren am December 10, 1932
Starb am December 23, 2017 (aged 85)

20. Roderick Chisholm, The Chisholm

Männliche. (born 1697)
Vorname: Roderick
Nachname: Chisholm
Geboren am January 1, 1697 (age 325)
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