Liste der Berühmte Leute mit dem Nachnamen O-callaghan

1. Ryan O'Callaghan

Ryan O'Callaghan
Männliche. US-amerikanischer American-Football-Spieler
Vorname: Ryan
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Geboren am July 19, 1983 (age 39)
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2. Cindy O'Callaghan

Weibliche. Irish-born British actress
Vorname: Cindy
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Geboren am October 18, 1956 (age 66)

3. Ramon O'Callaghan

Männliche. (1765-1833)
Vorname: Ramon
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Geboren am January 1, 1765
Starb am January 1, 1833 (aged 68)

4. George O'Callaghan

Männliche. (1788-1849)
Vorname: George
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Geboren am June 15, 1788
Starb am January 31, 1849 (aged 60)

5. Donogh O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543720
Vorname: Donogh

6. Dermot O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543574
Vorname: Dermot

7. Connoghor MacDermot O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543580
Vorname: Connoghor

8. Donogh 'Og' O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543686
Vorname: Donogh

9. Mary O'Callaghan

Weibliche. died 1870
Vorname: Mary
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Starb am January 1, 1870

10. Teige O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543532
Vorname: Teige
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Starb am November 30, 1536

11. Donogh O'Callaghan, The O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543658
Vorname: Donogh

12. Elena O'Callaghan

Weibliche. Peerage person ID=543684
Vorname: Elena
Nachname: O'Callaghan

13. Dermot 'Roe' O'Callaghan

Männliche. died 1636
Vorname: Dermot
Starb am February 13, 1636

14. Cornelius O'Callaghan

Männliche. died 1793
Vorname: Cornelius
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Starb am January 1, 1793

15. John O'Callaghan

Männliche. (1754-1818)
Vorname: John
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Geboren am January 1, 1754
Starb am October 22, 1818 (aged 64)

16. Cahir 'Modora' O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543655
Vorname: Cahir
Nachname: O'Callaghan

17. Cahir O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543539
Vorname: Cahir
Nachname: O'Callaghan

18. Edmond O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543724
Vorname: Edmond
Nachname: O'Callaghan

19. Cornelius O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543836
Vorname: Cornelius
Nachname: O'Callaghan
Starb am September 30, 1829

20. Connoghor O'Callaghan

Männliche. Peerage person ID=543629
Vorname: Connoghor
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